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​From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Malcolm McDowell (born 13 June 1943) is an English actor with a career spanning over forty years. McDowell is principally known for his roles in the controversial films Caligula, If...., O Lucky Man! and A Clockwork Orange. His versatility as an actor has led to his presence in many films and television series of different genres, including Tank Girl, Star Trek Generations, the TV serial Our Friends in the North, Entourage, Heroes, Metalocalypse, animated film Bolt and the 2007 remake of Halloween and the 2009 sequel Halloween II. He is also well known for his narration of the seminal 1982 documentary, The Compleat Beatles


American Satan (2017)
as Mr. Capricorn
Yamasong: March of the Hollows (2017)
as Lord Geer
Grow House (2017)
as Dr. Doobie
Walk of Fame (2017)
as Evan Polus
Death Race 2050 (2017)
as Chairman
Mississippi Murder (2017)
as McGowen
31 (2016)
as Father Murder
Душа шпиона (2015)
Lady Psycho Killer (2015)
Oceanus: Act One (2015)
as Triton (Ship's Computer)
Some Kind of Beautiful (2015)
as Gordon
The Black Hole (2015)
as Mr. Simms
Bereave (2015)
as Garvey
Scooby-Doo! Moon Monster Madness (2015)
as Sly Baron (voice)
Kids vs Monsters (2015)
as Boss Monster
Kubrick Remembered (2014)
Shock Value (2014)
Mischief Night (2014)
as Mr. Smiles
Tbilisi, I Love You (2014)
Free Fall (2014)
as Thaddeus Gault
Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem (2013)
Zombex (2013)
as Dr. Soulis
The Employer (2013)
as The Employer
A Green Story (2013)
as Barton
Sanitarium (2013)
as Dr. Stenson
Richard The Lionheart (2013)
as King Henry II
Meet the Small Potatoes (2013)
as Lester Koop (voice)
Silent Night (2012)
as Sheriff Cooper
Stanley Kubrick in Focus (2012)
Home Alone: The Holiday Heist (2012)
as Sinclair
Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (2012)
as Leonard Wolf
Antiviral (2012)
as Dr. Abendroth
Excision (2012)
as Mr. Cooper
Vamps (2012)
as Vlad
The Philadelphia Experiment (2012)
as Morton Salinger
No Rest for the Wicked: A Basil & Moebius Adventure (2011)
as Mr. Bloome
Suing The Devil (2011)
as Satan
Golf in the Kingdom (2011)
as Julian Lange
The Artist (2011)
as The Butler
L.A., I Hate You (2011)
as Harold Weintraub
LEGO Hero Factory: Rise of the Rookies (2010)
as Mr. Makuro (voice)
DC Showcase: Green Arrow (2010)
as Merlyn the Magnificent (voice)
Pound of Flesh (2010)
as Professor Noah Melville
Easy A (2010)
as Principal Gibbons
The Invocation (2010)
Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes (2010)
as Professor Moriarity (voice)
What If Cannabis Cured Cancer (2010)
as himself
Barry Munday (2010)
as Mr. Farley
The Book of Eli (2010)
as Lombardi
Suck (2009)
as Eddie Van Helsing
Halloween II (2009)
as Dr. Samuel Loomis
Starz Inside - Unforgettably Evil (2009)
as Himself
Super Rhino (2009)
as Dr. Calico (voice)
Delgo (2008)
as Raius
Bolt (2008)
as Dr. Calico (voice)
Michael Lives: The Making of 'Halloween' (2008)
as Himself
Coco Chanel (2008)
as Marc Bouchier
Never Apologize (2008)
as Himself
Doomsday (2008)
as Dr. Marcus Kane
Lost Kubrick: The Unfinished Films of Stanley Kubrick (2007)
as Narrator
War and Peace (2007)
as Prince Bolkonski
Halloween (2007)
as Dr. Loomis
Robot Chicken: Star Wars (2007)
as Orientation Instructor (voice)
The List (2007)
as Desmond Larochette
The Curse of King Tut's Tomb (2006)
as Nathan Cairns
Bye Bye Benjamin (2006)
as Mr. Coleman
Cut Off (2006)
as James Burton
O Lucky Malcolm! (2006)
as Himself
Rag Tale (2005)
as Richard Morton
Zerkalnie voyni: Otrazhenie pervoye (2005)
Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone (2005)
as Ogthar (voice)
In Good Company (2004)
as Teddy K
Cast & Crew: If.... (2004)
as Interviewee
Pinocchio 3000 (2004)
as Scamboli (voice)
Tempesta (2004)
as Paul Valenzin
Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius (2004)
as O.B. Keeler
Evilenko (2004)
as Andrej Romanovic
The Company (2003)
as Alberto Antonelli
Inhabited (2003)
as Dr. Werner
Tempo (2003)
as Walter Shrenger
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (2003)
as Boad
I Spy (2002)
as Gundars
Between Strangers (2002)
as Alan Baxter
Shadow Realm (2002)
as Martin Hudson
Dorian (2002)
as Henry
Firestarter 2: Rekindled (2002)
as John Rainbird
The Barber (2001)
as Dexter Miles
Just Visiting (2001)
as Wizard
Princess of Thieves (2001)
as Sheriff of Nottingham
The Void (2001)
as Dr. Thomas Abernathy
Island of the Dead (2000)
as Rupert King
Gangster No. 1 (2000)
as Gangster 55
St. Patrick: The Irish Legend (2000)
as Quentin
The David Cassidy Story (2000)
as Jack Cassidy
Still Tickin': The Return of A Clockwork Orange (2000)
as Himself
Southern Cross (1999)
as Felipe Solano
My Life So Far (1999)
as Uncle Morris MacIntosh
Y2K (1999)
as Seward
Love Lies Bleeding (1999)
as Malcolm
The First 9½ Weeks (1998)
as Francois Dubois
The Gardener (1998)
as Ben Carter
Discovery Nazis: The Occult Conspiracy (1998)
as Narrator (Voice)
The Fairy King Of Ar (1998)
as Ian
Mr. Magoo (1997)
as Austin Cloquet
2103: The Deadly Wake (1997)
as Captain Sean Murdoch
Kids of the Round Table (1997)
as Merlin
Lexx 1.4: Gigashadow (1997)
as Yottskry
Asylum (1997)
as Sullivan Rane / Doc
Hugo Pool (1997)
as Henry Dugay
Where Truth Lies (1996)
as Dr. Vernon Renquist
Superman - The Last Son of Krypton (1996)
as John Corben (voice)
Yesterday's Target (1996)
as Holden
The Little Riders (1996)
as Capt. Kessel
Our Friends in the North (1996)
as Benny Barratt
Ringer (1996)
as Noel
Sex, Censorship and the Silver Screen (1996)
Cyborg 3: The Recycler (1995)
as Lord Talon
Fist of the North Star (1995)
as Ryuken
Tank Girl (1995)
as Kesslee
Dangerous Indiscretion (1995)
as Roger Everett
Fatal Pursuit (1995)
as Bechtel
Exquisite Tenderness (1995)
as Dr. Stein
Star Trek: Generations (1994)
as Dr. Tolian Soran
Milk Money (1994)
as Waltzer
The Man Who Wouldn't Die (1994)
as Bernard Drake / Ian Morrissey
Bopha! (1993)
Night Train to Venice (1993)
as Stranger
Vent d'est (1993)
as General Smyslovsky
Your Guide to Star Trek Generations (1993)
as Himself
Chain of Desire (1992)
The Player (1992)
as Himself
Venins (1991)
as Prof. Baldwin
Цареубийца (1991)
as Timofeyev / Yurovsky
Disturbed (1990)
as Dr. Derrick Russell
Jezebel's Kiss (1990)
as Benjamin J. Faberson
Maggio musicale (1990)
as Pier Francesco Ferraioli
Happily Ever After (1990)
as Lord Malice (voice)
Class of 1999 (1990)
as Dr. Miles Longford
Moon 44 (1990)
as Major Lee
Schweitzer (1990)
Mortacci (1989)
Buy & Cell (1989)
as Warden Tennant
Sunset (1988)
as Alfie Alperin
The Caller (1987)
as The Caller
Monte Carlo (1986)
as Christopher Quinn
Arthur the King (1985)
as King Arthur
Gulag (1985)
as The Englishman
Little Red Riding Hood (1983)
as Reginald Von Lupin / The Wolf
Cross Creek (1983)
as Max Perkins
Get Crazy (1983)
as Reggie Wanker
Blue Thunder (1983)
as Col. F.E. Cochrane
The Compleat Beatles (1982)
as Narrator
Britannia Hospital (1982)
as Mick Travis
Cat People (1982)
as Paul Gallier
A Documentary on the Making of 'Gore Vidal's Caligula' (1981)
as Himself - 'Caligula'
She Fell Among Thieves (1980)
as Richard Chandos
Time After Time (1979)
as H. G. Wells
The Passage (1979)
as Capt. Von Berkow
Caligola (1979)
as Caligula
Voyage of the Damned (1976)
as Max Gunter
Aces High (1976)
as Maj. John Gresham
The Collection (1976)
as Bill
Royal Flash (1975)
as Captain Harry Flashman
O Lucky Man! (1973)
as Michael Arnold Travis / Plantation Thief
A Clockwork Orange (1971)
as Alexander DeLarge
The Raging Moon (1971)
as Bruce Pritchard
Figures in a Landscape (1970)
as Ansell
If.... (1968)
as Mick Travis
Corbin Nash ()
as Blind Prophet
Dreams I Never Had ()
as Judge Messner
The Mystery of Casa Matusita ()
as Supay
The Spider ()
as Von Wessel
O Lucky Man! (1973)
Os 12 Desastres de Natal ()

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